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BioSecure TouchLock

BioSecure TouchLock

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Experience unmatched peace of mind by protecting your possessions from theft or unauthorized access with the innovative BioSecure TouchLock. This keyless lock is designed with an advanced built-in fingerprint scanner, ensuring access only to those who have registered their fingerprints in the lock's memory. Goodbye to worries about lost keys, because with this lock, you won't need to carry them with you! Plus, its water-resistant design ensures exceptional durability against the elements, and its app-free operation simplifies your technology experience.

The BioSecure TouchLock can store up to 10 fingerprints, allowing multiple authorized users to share the same lock seamlessly. With a usability of up to 2,500 times and a standby time of two years on a single charge, this lock offers reliable, long-term protection. Additionally, its smart fingerprint area can be 3D hidden when not in use, preventing accidental damage. With an IP65 certified water and dust resistant design, and the flexibility to use it in various scenarios such as luggage, trunks, doors, and more, the BioSecure TouchLock provides a secure and versatile solution for those looking effective protection.

Featured Features:

- Material: Zinc Alloy

- Lock Type: Biometric

- Battery: 300mAh

- Continuous Waiting Time: 2 years

- Waterproof Rating: IP65

- Size: 90 x 55 x 25mm

- Net weight: 189g

Includes in the package:

1 x Fingerprint Padlock

Don't miss the opportunity to increase the security of your belongings and enjoy an unparalleled experience with our BioSecure TouchLock with Fingerprint.

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