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IllumiHex Pro

IllumiHex Pro

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Immerse yourself in a world of innovative lighting with our IllumiHex Pro. This modular touch sensor wall light uses flexible hexagons so you can design the perfect structure to fit your style. Control is as simple as touching it to turn it on or off, and its ultra-fast modulation capacity makes it versatile to adapt to any situation.

Connect it magnetically to create compositions that adapt to your interior space. Slide the lamp along the wall and experience the fascinating tactile path that illuminates your path. Customize lighting levels to your mood by choosing how many modules to activate.

The minimalist design and unique shape make the IllumiHex Pro the perfect choice to enhance the decoration of any home.

Featured Features:

- Shape: Hexagon

- Output power: DC12V

- Plug type: US/EU plug

- On/Off: Capacitive touch

- Color temperature: 6000K-6500K (White)

- Input power: AC110-220V 50/60Hz

- Mounting accessories: Rubber pads or nails

- Maximum number of components per power adapter: 25 pieces

Discover versatile and exciting lighting with the IllumiHex Pro, designed to highlight your style and elevate your environment."

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