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Enter a universe of unlimited creativity and vibrant colors with the innovative iWallGlow. Our RGBIC Light Bar immerses you in a fascinating DIY experience, instantly transforming your bedroom, gaming room or even your TV lighting into an immersive world of color and light.

You have full control of the lighting effects through our intuitive app, where you can design your own personalized light show, bringing your decor to life and creating unique atmospheres for every occasion. Elevate your moments of relaxation to higher levels, setting the perfect atmosphere with our iWallGlow. Whether you're spending time in your bedroom, practicing yoga, or soaking in a relaxing bubble bath, customizable colors and soft lighting infuse serenity and calm into your space.

Unleash your creativity to the fullest, exploring a palette of 16 million colors to design an environment that reflects your personality and unique style. Installing the iWallGlow is child's play, simply assemble the pieces and watch the amazing visual effects come to life in a matter of minutes. With our advanced immersive lighting solution, completely transform your environment and immerse yourself in a world of infinite possibilities.

Package Included:

- 6 units of the iWallGlow

- Remote control for easy lighting management

- A15 bulb shape for optimal lighting

- Control through the app for hassle-free customization

- Plug-in power for convenient and hassle-free use."

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