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SecureTouch TechLock

SecureTouch TechLock

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Elevate the security of your home or office with the SecureTouch TechLock! This innovative lock uses cutting-edge semiconductor-based technology and biometric features to provide an exceptional level of security, ensuring that no identical fingerprints can be detected. cheat on her

With the ability to store up to 50 fingerprints, this lock is perfect for your loved ones and close friends. In addition, it has an ultra-fast unlock function that allows you to open the door in just 0.3 seconds by placing your fingerprint. The lock then locks automatically to maintain security at all times.

Installation is a simple process and fits most doors with lever locks, meaning you can enjoy this advanced security technology without the hassle.

Product specifications:

- Material: ABS, metal

- Available Colors: Black, Silver

- Unlock Methods: Password + Fingerprint + Keys; Password + Fingerprint + Bluetooth Compatible App (TT lock)

- Power Source: Rechargeable via USB

- Recognition Speed: 0.3 seconds

- Fingerprint Capacity: 50

- Working Temperature Range: -20~+60 degrees Celsius

- Suitable Door Thickness: 30-55mm/1.18-2.16 inch

- Size: 14.5*6.5*2.8cm/5.7*2.55*1.1inch(L*W*H)

- Weight: 900g/31.75oz

Package Included:

- 1 X Door Lock

- 2 X Spare Keys

- 1 X Installation Kit"

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